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Peter Christensen
Health Center
Peter Christensen Health Center & Family Resource Center have been accredited by AAAHC since 2019 and were renewed for an additional three-year term in 2022.

What is AAAHC Accreditation?

AAAHC is the nation’s leading accrediting organization for outpatient health care facilities. Accreditation allows us to be compared to the minimum standards of care expectations along with other health care systems from across the nation.

What does AAAHC AcCreditation mean for PCHC?

  • Being accredited means that PCHC has undergone rigorous professional scrutiny based on national health care standards of care, and achieving an accredited status means we have demonstrated strong commitment to maintaining a safe patient care and employment environment.
  • Demonstrates PCHC's commitment to providing high-quality health care with intentional organizational design and places continuous improvement at the center of PCHC culture.
  • Creates a system to mitigate and reduce risk with a customized and thorough review of PCHC organization and best practice recommendations to continuously improve our patient's outcomes.

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